It's high af, right? lls. yemen, I don't play when it comes down to the hair, idk that's one of my things. like . . . I got to have my haircut fly or somethin', lol.

repost of "second day of school outfit" .

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time of the day to take piccs of my first day of school outfit. So, I just got the chance to take pictures in my second day of school pictures.

Some, say I broke one of the "Fashion Rules" by wearing denim over denim. But, obviously I didn't get a fuck. Still the outfit bang & dropped mouffs. So, Im good.


August 27,2010
Devinchy Himself.

I'm Back.

Well some of you understand that I have a life. Which involves work & school right? So, that's my reasoning for being ooooo sooo MIA on yall. Sorry, but I'm back on my shitt-nitz.


it's over/update.

The summer is over & ya'll already know what season it is. SCHOOL BEETCHS! So, we back @ it & Im trying hard AF to stay up on style game as my Senior year.

Sorry, that I haven't been posting. I been working & it's been hard for me to even blog a new post when they got me closing & ectera of my bizzy life. But, now that school has started back, it's gonna be x2 hard to even blog. But i'll try .

NEW! yes, Im switching it up. Bcause I know that my blog looks ALL boring & ish. Therfore, I def. got to switch up the game & try harder at what I do. Im thinking, Im going to post more 'bout my outfits & my daily life what's going. My outfits be something reall nice (= So, i'll be starting on that that tommorrow & editing my blog Friday.

PS . Thanks to the ones who stay tune in & the oness who don't you should FOLLOW my BLOG (= Gracias

Devinchy HIMSELF.


second & third tattoo.

This my second & third tattoo . . . & to experience under-flunence such as (drinking or smoking) on my first tattoo didn't hurt. But, this time I was SOBER & it def. ' DONT HURT ' like every naggs 'bout it like it does. But, it doesnt. Yeah , this my second & third tattoo of my intials in graffiti letters on the back of my arms .