my room.

& There goes my SIMPLE ROOM (: I wanted to keep it simple & not matchy. ^^^ SO, there it's goes. Eventually, Im going to start matching & I want to paint my walls ALL BLACK. Yeah i know i know Im wierd, But idga MIDDLE FINGER (:


OH NO!! coolest kidd on the block.

So, I thought I was soo cool that day with those glasses on, lol. It's like my 2nd time wearing. Girls, say that men wearing glasses make them look ugly. Treally? Well, im def. not ugly ! aha'. & there's a picc of my Red Canvas Vans (:


within boredem.

Man, been in the house all day except to go get my nephew from Summer Day Treatment. Bored Bored Bored !! But, tommorrow should be interesting.

cyan canvas vans.

I'm ordering these badd baby's next week. Because my mother don't want to put my money on her card to lazy too. But, she's goin to put on it by this week & i'll have them by the end of the week or next week (: I know nobody going to have them down here. Why not get them? Aha'.

a perfect waste. x/:

I was suppose to wear this to the fair the othr night but I didnt go ! & then I plan to go the next day & I didnt go :/ & so the next day I go to my friend Noelle KickBack & no came but me & my bestfriend so I wore the shirt there & no one showed up. Basically, I didn't have no luck of rocking that shirt for anybody can see it. Lol But i love both of the purps in the shirt *(:

FEAT. on Tamara Green's blog.

YESS ! My good friend that I meet of Twitter featured me on her blog so I can get some followers (: How nice is that? She also encourage me to keep my blog because I was going to delete it. Cos' I thought I was'nt doing things right. But, she told me give it time & ectera. Love you Tamara, Im going to feature you in my blog * (:


cookies & milk (8

So, I aint have no Chips of Ahoys! in a minute. Therefore I told my lovely kind mother to go to the store to get me some. And she did (8 thanx, aha' & they were good. I ain't finish the package.
I feel like a little kidd having snack time or something. Lol. Thanx mother once again, love yu.

061010 Outfit.

Braclet & Cardigan : Presents from Friends - Arizonia Tan Vneck : JC Penny - Cut Up Shorts : Aero - Brown/Tan Era Vans : Journeys. -- So, i don't like Aeroposatle anymore. So, I decided to cut up those jeans. Why waste clothes? Did i do a good job of cutting up? comment if yu' like .. (:

Let Me Take You Out - Bryan J f/ Travis Porter.

I love this song, But tha video kinda NEGATIVE!! Hands motions? Noo. They coulda' came more harder than they did.

black & white crayon faded vans.

Nice, hella right ? yesss. I love 'em Even though got a crest in them already. cos' I got them A HALF big. But, im not trippen cos' I can get it out. But, journeys be on that BS when it comes down to shopping for shoes though. Hey, Im not complain!! I love these (:


miss me, while i was gone?

Take a good look of me now , Improve Much ? yess; I must say ... Follow Me (8