fourth tattoo.

yes, it says " ORIGINAL" !
The reason behind this tattoo, is bcause I love saying the word & I am that (:
The reason it's on my finger, bcause I have a habit of writting on my finger when I'm in class.


tyga @ vma's 2010.

That nigga & outfit was so fucking BOMB <-- that nigga is that four little word.


the devil's hot red n black vans.

My ol' girl helped me pick these out, thanks. The outfit was plan, but tight.

White Madison Shirt.
Black Cutouffs [Pacsun].
Red/Black Vans.

hello bloggers.

Hello, I know I've been MIA. But, I think Im back. I've been tied into 2 things, mostly everyone do in life school & work. Yeeahhhhhh <-- those things right there. Sorry you guys, follow me still (= def. going to try to post more

Septemeber 7,2010.