to clear things.

THIS POST DOESN'T INCLUDES PICTURES: THIS POST IS TO STATE WHO I AM & WHO IM NOT, - Yes, I have a sidekick & own pair of vans = obession (minus all that jerking shiet). a l o t of people be lot, oh yeah jerk for me & yidaha yadah. that shiet was last summer & i aint even do it then. because I hardly do know how to, I will admit that I attempt to do it here & there. yes, I truly admit that I thought the dance was tight THEN but now right here & the PRESENT it's #dead . SO, I advice everyone to let it go. You see NEWBOYZ aint making no music of it, well as I hear from my ears I don't hear nothing. So, yall should do the same & let that be in Summer 09. Gracias. - No, Im not gay. Oh yeah, he's gay all he do is converse wit' girls all the time. Thanks for being very #judgemental on me Lol. Cause your first IMPRESSION can be very wrong & as of now it's wrong lmao. Cause Im not gay/bi. Strictly for the pu*sy, DIGGIT? thanks. AM ! a chill, dude that love to converse wit' girls then guys anyday. vans copper & well buy an accesories for his Sidekick & plan on never changing from a Sidekick til' he gets very tired of them. That's me! now FOLLOW ME :D

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