Im B A C K !

I'm Backkkkkkkk ! * T.I. Voice* , He back's spankin' new , wit' brand new shit. It's a different him. See you, use to seeing him wit' tha mohawk with a regular "swagg", but it's a new & improve Devinchy. Wait til' you see him with the Willie Smith. Big things poppin, his way aha'. Wow; it's been one. Since, I have even been on this thing. Like . . Since July 09 `. You can't tell me dat haven't been long. Cos' it has! Lol. Anyways, Im sure you wonder what made me wanna to start blogging again. No, other than James "Billonare Fly" Love got me up on this again. His was superr hella geeked ^ w/ shit lol. Yall must admit, his fly no lie. Im on my grizzy again Yawpppp * Trey Songz voice *. Follow Me :]
Tha new Devinchy Maurice McNair

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